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The year-round multidisciplinary education on green building

Global research has shown that facilities and premises which are designed, built and maintained according to the principles of green building, and which are energy-efficient, achieve additional value for all participants in the process of planning, designing, building and using facilities. The participants in this process are the investors, the community as a whole, the environment and the tenants. Such data proves that sustainable development and green building represent much more than a trend, as they care about the tenants’ health and comfort in a space. In addition to this, such data proves a reduction of the effect of carbon dioxide emission on the natural environment and surroundings of the tenants.

At the global level, there are currently more than 140,000 buildings certified according to the international green building standards (LEED, BREEAM or DGNB), which makes approximately 1.1 billion square meters of surface area.

In more than 102 countries worldwide where national Green Building Councils are established as part of the World Green Building Council organisation, more than 70,000 people employed in more than 27,000 organisations deal with the issue of applying green building principles to their surrounding facilities on daily basis. 

Promotional film about Green Building Professional education*

In order to provide training and to profile the generation of internationally recognised experts for green building in Croatia, and with the aim of implementing green building principles as soon as possible in our country, in 2011 the Croatia Green Building Council launched a one-year educational program Green Building Professional, in cooperation with other European Councils. 

The objective of the Green Building Professional educational program is to raise generations of multi-disciplinary experts spanning the fields of green building, designing and financing green buildings; use of eco-friendly materials for building, furnishing and reconstruction of buildings; assessment of building value and life cycle with regard to green building elements; landscaping; energy-efficient light design; achieving of savings through recycling and energy savings; efficient use of water resources; selection of a sustainable site and its management; national regulations and certification, and international certificates for green building LEED, BREEAM or DGNB. All in all, this educational program aims to create a working and living environment that will be healthier, more comfortable and more productive, energy-efficient, cost-effective, healthy for both the environment and for people – all based on the principles of green building and sustainability.


               The program Green Building Professional subsidization by the Environmental Protection and Energy Efficiency Fund (EPEEF)

*Some of the images used in the promotional film "Green Building Professional" in Croatia, originally belong to the US Green Building Council, as follows:

  • time = 0:45, credit = 1180 Peachtree at Symphony Center in Atlanta, GA (© Joe F. Steed)
  • time = 0:51, credit = FBI Regional Office in Chicago, IL (© David B. Seide/www.DefinedSpace.com)
  • time = 2:21, credit = 111 South Wacker Drive in Chicago, IL (© James Steinkamp Photography)
  • time = 2:35, credit = 2101 L Street, USGBC HQ lobby in Washington, DC (© Eric Laignel)
  • time = 2:37, credit = 2101 L Street, USGBC HQ lounge in Washington, DC (©​ Eric Laignel)


Hotel Esplanade - official hotelier of Green Building Professional program

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