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Green Building Symposiums

The best known educational activity of the Croatia Green Building Council is the Green Building Symposium. Its training sessions are free of charge and intended for a wider professional public, including civil engineers, geodetic engineers, mechanical engineers, electrical engineers, architects, landscape architects, economists and all those who are interested in green building and who need to use adequate green building knowledge in their business activities. 

The purpose of the symposium is to educate and inform both the general and the professional public about green building and its principles, as well as the possibility of securing savings, protecting the environment and managing various natural resources such as water, forests, renewable energy sources, etc. – all this for the purpose of applying these principles in future projects. 

In the way that it is organised, the symposium resembles a conference: it has two parts, the first part being of theoretical character, during which experts from fields that are different but yet closely related to the subject of the symposium, present the fundamental principles of green building, depending on the central subject of the symposium. The second part of the symposium is oriented more towards the members of Croatia Green Building Council as well as other relevant market participants, who deliver technical presentations on implementation of their products and services in building projects, thus establishing a professional and technical link with the first part of the symposium. 

Croatia Green Building Council regulary organizes Symposiums in cooperation with:

  • Environmental Protection and Energy Efficiency Fund
  • Croatian Chamber of Architects
  • Croatian Chamber of Civil Engineers
  • Croatian Chamber of Mechanical Engineers
  • Croatian Chamber of Electrical Engineers
  • Croatian Association of Civil Engineers
  • Croatian Chamber  of Architects Zagreb, Zadar, Pula, Karlovac, Varaždin, Osijek…
  • Croatian Chamber of Economy
  • Cities and universities across the Croatia
  • Associations such as: HUEC, HUK, HUPFAS, HDKA, SUPEUS….

 At the Symposium, all certified engineers have the opportunity to be assigned an adequate number of credits within the framework of Permanent Professional Training, in cooperation with different professional chambers. 


So far, more than 20 symposiums have been held, mostly in Zagreb but also in other Croatian cities. Subjects of these symposiums focused on different areas of green building:

1st Symposium: “The First Symposium on Green Building in Croatia”, November 24, 2009

2nd Symposium: “Croatia, Europe and the World – Standards and Certificates for Energy Efficiency and Green Building”, April 20, 2010

3rd Symposium: “The Materials in Green Buildings”, June 15, 2010

4th Symposium: “Insulation in Building and Alternative Energy Sources”, October 7, 2010

5th Symposium: “Efficient Water Management/Use in Buildings”, February 15, 2011

6th Symposium: “Carbon Footprint”, September 20, 2011

7th Symposium: “Building Materials in the World of Green Building”, February 21, 2012

8th Symposium: “Building Materials and Technologies in the World of Green Building”, May 17, 2012

9th Symposium: “BIM (Building Information Modelling) Solutions”, October 17, 2012

10th Symposium: “EU Funds and Croatian Sources of Funding for Sustainable Building”, December 12, 2012

11th Symposium: “Greening of Existing Buildings”, March 20, 2013

12th Symposium: “The Green Aspect of Urban Planning”, May 17, 2013

13th Symposium: “Green Building as Building for the Future”, November 14, 2013

14th Symposium: “Assignment and Contracting of Works in the Context of Sustainable Building and Total Living Costs”, November 25, 2013

15th Symposium: “Challenges in Construction Industry”, February 27, 2014

16th Symposium: “Green Building Professional – International Educational Methods in Green Building”, May 14, 2014

17th Symposium: “Green Building in the Context of Family Homes”, September 30, 2014

18th Symposium: “Are We Able to Enjoy Ourselves and Achieve Savings at the Same Time?”, November 13, 2014

19th Symposium: “Panel Discussion on Sustainable Real Estate and Green Building Certificates”, November 19, 2014

20th Symposium: “Sustainability and Landscape Architecture – More than Just Design!”, May 13 2015

21st Symposium: “What Buildings Are Built Truly According to Green Standards in Croatia?”, May 21, 2015


Mini-symposiums are organised on similar principals as symposiums; however, the main difference is the orientation of mini-symposiums towards smaller Croatian towns which have an active community of chambers and professional associations of certified engineers. The participants of mini-symposiums are not obligated to pay any participation fee. So far, the Croatian Green Building Council has organised many mini-symposiums and has thus presented the notion of green building to the wider professional public, including: civil engineers, geodetic engineers, mechanical engineers, electrical engineers, architects, landscape architects, economists and all those who are interested in green building and are based in Karlovac, Zadar, Varaždin, Pula, Koprivnica, Osijek, Zagreb and Čakovec. In the forthcoming period, we are planning to organise training sessions in other Croatian towns as well. Croatian Green Building Council has so far organised twelve mini-symposiums, which covered the following subjects:


1st Mini-Symposium in Karlovac: “Sustainable Materials and Resources”, April 18, 2013

2nd Mini-Symposium in Karlovac: “Greening of Existing Buildings”, June 5, 2013

3rd Mini-Symposium in Varaždin: “Sustainable Materials and Resources”, September 20, 2013

4th Mini-Symposium in Zadar: “Sustainable Building Elements”, November 13, 2013

5th Mini-Symposium in Pula: “Sustainable Building Elements”, February 12, 2014

6th Mini-Symposium in Koprivnica: “Economic Feasibility and Sustainable Building Elements”, April 29, 2014

7th Mini-Symposium in Karlovac: “Renovation of Protected Cultural Heritage According to Green Building Principles”, February 25, 2015

8th Mini-Symposium in Rijeka: “Economically Feasible Energy Renovation”, April 29, 2015

9th Mini-Symposium in Zadar: “Impact of Green Building on Architectural Design”, June 17, 2015

10th Mini-Symposium in Osijek: “Impact of Green Building on Architectural Design”, June 18, 2015

11th Mini-Symposium in Zagreb: “Building Management According to Green Building Guidelines”, September 17 and 18, 2015

12th Mini-Symposium in Čakovec: “Sustainable Building Materials and Technologies in the Field of Green Building”, October 12, 2015



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