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Implementation of multi-level renovation Framework in City of Velika Gorica

  16.09.20, 15:30h

On the days of 14th and 15th of September, City of Velika Gorica hosted a Pilot City meeting as a part of activities within the Horizon 2020 funded project; BUILD UPON2. The idea behind the meeting was to test the local capacities for implementation of Multi-level renovation Framework, more specifically, its fourth version, developed through the project activities.

Hosted by Pilot City of Velika Gorica, the project was organized by Croatia Green Building Council and Climate Alliance, in the role of a coordinating actor carrying out the pilot city meetings in all the project implementing countries.

The idea of the meeting was to test the implementation of the Framework, by testing the three categories of indicators (environmental, social and economic) on the level of local government’s building sector.

The meeting was conducted by CGBC Project Coordinator, Benjamin Petrović, with continuous contribution via Zoom link by Silvia Nanni and Jonas Rönnefarth of the Climate Alliance. The main actors, providing their suggestions and comments on the current state on building renovation, local climate policies and ideas how to integrate the Framework into existing reporting activities, were the representatives of the Pilot City of Velika Gorica and of the Follower Cities, City of Karlovac and City of Sveti Ivan Zelina.

In providing insight on local capacities and suitability of Framework, Gordana Milkulčić-Krnjaja, Head of City of Velika Gorica Office for Urbanization and Environmental Protection, along with Marko Ružić and Meri Barišić gave quality input on the state of data availability concerning the discussed indicators. At the same time, follower city representatives, Robert Vodopić of City of Karlovac and Sunčica Mateljan-Kranjčević of City of Sveti Ivan Zelina, gave their insight related to the situation in their respective cities.

The successful execution of the workshop presents a new step in the development of a quality Framework through which the renovation capabilities on several levels will become improved and alignment of practices and capacities on EU, national and local level will be achieved.



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