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  09.09.20, 11:29h

The social and economic impacts caused by climate crisis and ecological challenges are impacting the build environment sector causing the national governments, local authorities, industry leaders and corporations to begin changes in the approach of tackling the issues faced.

In that regard, UKGBC has established a new principle in the process of identifying sustainability challenges by undertaking crowdsourcing methods of finding ready-to-use solutions in achieving net zero carbon buildings.

Therefore, a pilot with two challenge statements was developed with a goal of producing an effective process of solution gathering.

Challenge 1

„How can a building owner improve their existing buildings, with as little physical intervention as possible, to achieve net zero operational carbon by 2030?“

Challenge 2

„How can office owners and occupiers improve the connection between live building occupancy and the control of building services, to reduce operational energy consumption?“

By submitting different solution in the link below until Friday, 18th September, the pilot challenges will be analyzed and solutions will be selected for further evaluation and publication.

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