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The Urban Heat Wave

  24.06.20, 13:29h

In the months of summer, high temperature levels and often thermal shock effects cause a raise in city temperatures up to 10°C higher than the surrounding. The reason behind such effect are higher temperatures in cities or populated areas as opposed to immediate surroundings. The products are urban heat islands which cause troubles with health, challenges when it comes to energy expenditures and economic issues. Roads, parking lots and other urban concrete and asphalt surfaces, as dark objects, tend to absorb almost all the light. In that way, thermal energy is being produced and emitted to our surrounding. Furthermore, the urban canyon effect, occurs in great urban areas. In these cases, a natural flow of cool air is being obstructed by tall buildings in close proximity of one another.

Read how can components of green building such as biodiversity, vertical vegetation and green facades enable higher levels of heat isolation in buildings in an interesting article by PlanRadar company



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