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The next phase of Build Upon2 project

  13.03.20, 15:00h

Since its commencement in June 2019, Build Upon2, a project funded by Horizon 2020 Programme of the European Commission, led by ten international organizations, is successful in reaching its established goals which would lead towards the development of a multisector international building renovation framework.

In the previous period of the execution of project activities, the emphasis was directed towards the development of the framework through the activities of gathering all the key steps and measurable indicators of progress of national strategies on building renovation. Via integration of the noted data, a transfer to the next project phase would be possible, which is the implementation of the designated data on local level, in project pilot cities. In that way, local municipalities will be given a clear backdrop and an efficient tool for the implementation of a new European Energy Performance of Buildings Directive and in that way achieve adherence of local legislative with national and European policy making.

Along the aforementioned actions, Bulid Upon2 project will give birth to a developed methodology necessary for the integration of the described framework with Sustainable Energy and Climate Action Plans. Furthermore, mechanisms for the implementation of diverse ways of data processing important for the development of success indicators of national renovation strategies.

The previously established part of project activities was focused on the framework development based on the collected data in the countries of the partnering organizations. Also, management procedures were analysed and the guidelines for the creation of the framework of building renovation were created based on the suggestions of National Steering Groups organised in every partnering country.

As the project continues, the goal is to gather all the data for them to be assessed by the National Steering Groups in order the final phase of the framework development could be reached, which is its implementation in pilot cities through educational workshops.

Additionally, in line with the previous project consortium meeting which took place in Brussels in December of 2019, in mid-2020 another meeting of that sort will be organized in order to achieve deeper coordination and wider recognisability of the project.

The Build Upon2 project proceeds with the ambitious steps towards net zero carbon and raising the quality of energy efficient building renovation.

More about Build Upon2 project: https://www.worldgbc.org/build-upon



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