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Nominations for new WGBC Board members are open!

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WorldGBC is recruiting new Board members to provide leadership to the WorldGBC.

Board Directors must be nominated by their national Green Building Council, and ultimately represent the best interests of the WorldGBC. Each Established Green Building Council is encouraged to put forward between one and four candidates; however, only one candidate per Green Building Council will be eligible to join the Board.

WorldGBC values and seeks diversity: regional, gender, ethnicity, as well as skills and experience.

Who WorldGBC is looking for?

Specifically, in 2018, WorldGBC is seeking Board members with particular expertise in:

  • Strategic planning and impact assessment and monitoring;
  • Significant CEO/Director/Chair level experience inside and outside of the GBC community;
  • Fundraising with a focus on large grants, corporate sponsorship, and high net worth individuals;
  • Accounting and finance experience.

Nominations are due by 31 March 2018, and terms commence 1 July 2018.

If you are interested in joining WGBC Board, please read the full Board of Directors Role Description, download a nomination form, or view a short one page summary.




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