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BREEAM - Internationally recognised certificate for green building



BREEAM (Building Research Establishment Environmental Assessment Method) was launched in 1990 as a British assessment system for buildings based on green principles. It is a method used for the assessment of new buildings and urban planning, which also provides guidelines for existing buildings and urban structures. 

Depending on the type and function of the property, every site or building is assessed according to a credits-based system, in a series of 10 categories. The number of credits in each category is subjected to a weighting percentage, depending on the type of building being assessed. 

Scores in each category are then added up and the building is rated according to the following six-level scale: 

  • < 30% – unclassified;
  • 30-44% – pass;
  • 45-54% - good;
  • 55-69% – very good;
  • 70-84% – excellent;
  • 85% – outstanding.

Most number of credits can be won in the category of energy (21), and the smallest number of credits is available in the category of water (6)

The major advantage of this certification system is the fact that it can be used worldwide thanks to its flexibility and great adaptability to climate conditions and legal regulations of each country.




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