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The one-year educational program Green Building Professional is intended for professionals in different relevant fields, including architecture, civil engineering, mechanical engineering, electrical engineering, economy, finance, law, and marketing, but also for building owners, tenants, project managers, investors, financial institutions, civil engineering companies, product and service suppliers in civil engineering, scientists and students, persons employed in public administration. In other words, the program is intended for all those whose objective is to be in line with the latest trends of green building, and of the kind of use and maintenance of spaces that aims to achieve a high quality of life and work in such spaces and to realize savings. 

Besides acquiring the internationally recognized Green Building Professional certificate, one that is recognised and valued in all countries, especially countries of Central and Western Europe, the participants will acquire knowledge necessary for active participation in creating spaces according to green principles. Therefore, the participants will be able to:

  • achieve lower maintenance costs and save as much energy as possible;
  • activate a space which will maximize user satisfaction and productivity;
  • use materials and equipment with the lowest possible carbon footprint and harmful effect on the environment and on facility users;
  • learn how to assess and evaluate the green potential of a building or a space;
  • learn more about the legal framework and regulations related to green building;
  • recognize the possibilities and advantages of using natural resources such as solar energy and sunlight – in terms of space quality and creating ambience, and consequently, efficiency in energy use;
  • learn how to practice and promote environmental principles of behaviour, specificities and similarities of international systems for green building certification (LEED, BREEAM, DGNB) while using a space; and many other things. 

So far, five generations of participants have attended the Green Building Professional program. In 5 years, 144 participants of the program have had the opportunity to meet with international and local experts in the field of green building, and to obtain information on approximately 15 relevant and interesting topics. Upon completion of the 5th generation, a total of 25 participants passed the State License exam and acquired the conditions for obtaining the international Green Building Professional certificate.

In January 2017 begins a new 6th generation year-round education Green Building Professional 2016/2017.



               The program Green Building Professional subsidization by the Environmental Protection and Energy Efficiency Fund (EPEEF)

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