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How to become a member?

Croatia Green Building Council (CGBC) was established in Croatia in 2009, as a non-profit organisation which functions as a professional platform for promoting green and sustainable building practices in Croatia. It is modelled upon other members of the W

GREEN BUILDING is a comprehensive term that in terms of civil engineering pertains to cost-effectiveness, reduction of CO2 footprint, care for environment, protection of cultural and traditional values of a specific space and caring for humanity. Consequently, all economic operators, institutions or individuals who have demonstrated by their operations or activities that they are directed towards green economy are eligible for membership in the Croatia Green Building Council. 

The CGBC has been open for general membership since May 2010. It was established by consensus of all stakeholders, and all its activities are initiated and managed by the Board of Directors, and by members and partners of the CGBC. Members of Croatia Green Building Council are the highest managing body of the organization, and they comprise the General Assembly. Members of the Board of Directors of Croatia Green Building Council are elected from among the Council members. 

Any legal entity and any natural person of full age and with legal capacity may become a member of the Council. The Council has three membership categories: ordinary, associate and honorary.


The following persons and entities may become ordinary members:

  • economic operators, i.e. companies; sole traders; craftsmen and natural persons who independently perform business activities in accordance with special regulations (e.g. certified architects and engineers, attorneys, and others);
  • cities and other local and regional self-government units;
  • public institutions; legal persons with public authorities, and other state and public bodies in line with legislation; associations; foundations; trusts; and non-profit organisations. 


Any natural person of full age and with legal capacity may become an associate member of the Council. 

Any natural or legal person who has significantly contributed to the Council’s work and achievement of its objectives may become an honorary member of the Council. Decisions on appointment of honorary members are adopted by the General Assembly. 

The basic requirements one has to fulfil in order to become a full member of the CGBC:

  • becoming familiar with one’s rights and obligations arising from membership;
  • filling in a Membership Application form, and having it signed and stamped by the responsible person; delivering an Excerpt out of the Court Register, a Notification of Classification by the Croatian Bureau of Statistics, a certificate of student status or another appropriate form;
  • paying the annual membership fee on the basis of a proposal issued by the CGBC;
  • delivering promotional material and official logo for publication on the website of the CGBC.


NOTE: membership is valid one year from payment date, whereupon membership will be renewed upon payment of the next annual membership fee, based on the proposal for the upcoming one-year period.


Contact person for the administration of membership in CGBC:

Tea Žugaj

Assistant of Executive Director & EU project implementation


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