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Why Green Building?

Global warming is an unquestionable fact, a sign of our times, and the negative effects of climate change caused by human activity due to increased emissions of greenhouse gases and consumption of natural resources whose reserves are not unlimited, they strongly influence the nature and people around the world.

Given that the construction industry has a major impact on the natural environment, planning, design and construction of green buildings is a way to simultaneously protect human health and the environment.

It is estimated that buildings in the European Union spend cca 45% of energy and produce approximately 40% of greenhouse gases. Also, buildings are co-responsible for 35% of the consumption of construction materials and 35% of waste in the construction sector.

Consequently, in the building sector there is hidden the greatest potential for saving natural resources, energy efficiency and greater use of renewable energy sources.

Green building reduces the required amount of materials for the construction of buildings which results in reduced operating costs. Also, green building supports the use of indigenous building materials, technologies and services and thus affect the improving economic position of a country, but also reduces CO2 emissions (eg. during transport). Also, sustainable buildings can reduce the amount of waste through responsible waste management and selection of materials. The production of energy in buildings from renewable sources such as solar, wind and biomase helps in avoiding air and water pollution. Renewable energy minimize acid rain, smog, climate change and human health problems caused by environmental pollution.

Green building also puts great emphasis on recycling because it is the recycling of materials that create new products, and reduces the need for raw materials and preserves landfill space.

Vicinity of public transportation, and the ability to use transportation funds that use alternative energy solutions, is estimated to be a significant factor of sustainability of some buildings.

Interior decoration according to green principles in which people use up to 90% of their time have a strong impact on their well-being, productivity, creativity and health. A simple way to improve the quality of the interior space to avoid the use of materials that emit harmful chemicals.

Green buildings around the world enjoy clear market advantages that conventional projects do not have. In addition to providing superior housing and working environment and have significantly reduced environmental impact, they generate greater profitability:


·         16% higher selling prices

·         6% higher rents

·         13% lower maintenance costs


Green offices are proven to increase efficiency at work and a good influence on health. The satisfaction of green building users is up to 27% higher than in other buildings, while the number of days on sick leave in green buildings is up to 25% lower than in case of employees who work in a standard office.

In addition, green buildings reduce:


·         Energy consumption by 50%

·         Water consumption by 40%

·         CO2 emissions by 40%


The certificate of green building is one of the ways by which it is possible to express its commitment to sustainable development and business practices based on environmental awareness, social responsibility and effective exploit resources throughout the life cycle of the building.



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